5 Strategies That Goes Beyond Cyber Monday

5 Strategies That’s Beyond Cyber Monday

You have a few more Mondays before Cyber Monday. Are you still struggling with what to offer your customers? Maybe the Cyber Monday 2015 statistics below can help you get it together:


Elevate Digital Media Cyber Monday Stats


Elevate Digital Media Cyber Monday Sales


Elevate Digital Media Cyber Monday IOS Stats


Now you are probably waiting for me to give you some great last minute online marketing tips for you to increase your sales today, well I don’t believe in promoting Random Acts of Marketing (RAM). If you’re one of those who hasn’t launched any holiday campaigns, you should stop right here and change your focus to the 30 days after Cyber Monday.


Below are a few things you can start preparing today, that will…

increase your sales beyond Cyber Monday.

1. Put social media to work for you:

When a customer buys a product from you, have a popup that asks them to share their purchase on social media from your website. Most people are already logged into their Facebook and/or Twitter account, so this would be an easy task for them. You could have it pre-written, so all they would need to do is hit the Share button.


2. Let Your Promotions Go Beyond:

Don’t let your promo stop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Turn it into an event. Create videos, multiple emails, and even SMS text marketing. A big part of what you’re trying to capture with your online promotional marketing strategy is to make people feel like they’re part of something bigger.


3. Target Those Last Minute Shoppers through Email:

Segment your audience based on their purchase date from last year. Send them a “Last Minute Shoppers” email campaign. You would need to have four emails setup through automation, that will persuade them to shop.


Your seven-day email automation campaign should look something like this:


– Send the initial “Sale Announcement” email
– Then two days after the initial email, you would send the “Free Gift” email where you are still focusing on your promotion
– Wait, three days after that and send the “Last Minute Extended Sale” email
– Then fire off an email right before the closing hours of the sale to those who did not click through the above emails. Perhaps you’ll catch the attention of someone waiting until the last minute to hop online.
The importance of analytics and insights are huge when targeting those that burns the midnight oil. Knowing their shopping habits will help increase your chances of turning them into a customer.


4. Mobile Surprise for Shoppers in Line:

If you have a physical store, a great way to interact with your customers digitally is to send a mobile-optimized email with a discount that will hit your subscribers’ inboxes right as they are waiting in line to begin their shopping experience.


5. Gift card bonus:

In addition to traditional discounts, you can also look for ways to reward people for shopping small by adding a bonus prize, like a gift card or gift certificate. Offering a gift card as a bonus can increase sales during the holiday season, and can also help introduce you to new customers in the process.


There you have it, five ways to jumpstart your sales for the 30 days after Cyber Monday. As always, the above information is not only for Cyber Monday or the holidays but for your overall online marketing strategy. We would love for you to share some of your unique online master plans that have helped you increase your profits.


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