8 Ways to Boost Your Business On Linkedin

8 Ways to Boost Your Business On LinkedIn


Striving for a successful business on Linkedin can be a daunting task if not done correctly. However, it is very well worth it in the end. When I think of the different social media platforms for business or career, Linkedin is at the top of the list. It is a sure fire way to get the attention you are looking for. We’ve compiled a list of eight ways you can get your business noticed on Linkedin today.


Strategies that Will Increase Your Business On Linkedin


1) Know Your Audience
Before you even create a business page, it is vital that you know whom you’re targeting. This will help you understand what type of content to put out, what groups you should join, and how to position yourself as a leader of the industry.


2) Create a Company Page and Optimize It
This includes links to other social networks, a link to your website, your bio showcasing your experience, your area of expertise, and any other details that will make you stand out to your target audience. Let’s not forget about the banner space at the top, make sure your photo is professional and includes important information about your business.

As far as optimization, here are some great ways to implement it:

  • Create a Showcase page for each of your services, or some of your products, if you sell online. Make sure to upload an image that relates to the service. It’s also a great way to promote your blogs and link back to your website.
  • Add keywords to your profile. Create a list of 5-6 keywords and put them throughout your content. Google Keyword Planner is a great place to help you find keyword phrases.
  • Add a follow us button. It is an awesome way to increase your traffic. Here’s the link to create your own: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins/follow-company

The more you can show how knowledgeable you are in your area of expertise, the more likely a local lead will consider doing business with you.


3) Use Videos to Stand Out
Adding videos through the update feature, is a great way to showcase your business in action. This way your followers are seeing their options first hand. This will also create less work for you and it will definitely advance your business on Linkedin.


4) Create Relationships Through Advance Search.
This tool will give you the ability to discover background information on your current leads and to identify new potential clients. Send a personalized message to those you would like to connect with so you can start earning their trust and not come off as sales-y.


5) Utilize The Tag Feature
Click on the connections tab above your profile and scroll over any contact. You can add keywords to use as labels. For example, if a person has little interest in your business you could write “Cold”. However, if a lead is ready to get their project started, you could label them “Warm.”


6) Post Interesting Content & Add Social Sharing
I know this can be a lot trying to keep up with every social media platform, but content is still king. Consider posting links to your blog posts, your opinion about a specific topic, content of other well respected agents (of course you would want to give them credit), open houses etc.


LinkedIn offers its users a social share button, here: https://developer.linkedin.com/share-plugin. The button makes it easier to share content with their networks. With this code added into your Company Page, this is another great way to boost your Linkedin presence.


7) Take Advantage of the Sponsored Updates Feature
The Sponsor Update tool is very valuable. This is an idea way for you to segment your content to specific groups based on the demographic information you choose prior to posting. You could also go the ad route. Check out Linkedin’s small business advertising options here: http://smallbusiness.linkedin.com/small-business-marketing.html, to see what fits your budget and strategy.


8) Re-evaluate Your Strategy
Analytics is vital to your company’s growth. Make sure you view your Linkedin insights and decide on what’s working and what’s not working. It houses and track every post, engagement, showcase page, impressions, and more. This will help you build a stronger business on Linkedin. So understanding your company’s trends can really increase your profits.


Having a business on Linkedin is almost like having a meeting with executives. You never know who is going to notice your presence.


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