5 Tips That Will Help You WIn During Black Friday

Black Friday: 5 Last Minute Ways Your Business Can Win


Did you know consumers never sleep. In fact, one third of online Google shopping searches occur between 10pm – 4am nightly. With Black Friday being around the corner, online and offline stores are still trying to figure out the “right” strategy that will get their target audience’s attention. Even though your holiday plan of action should have been prepared since September 2015, it’s still not too late to implement and launch one today.


With online sales increasing by 15% every year during this season, I’m sure big or small, you don’t want to miss out on those consumer dollars. That’s why I’m here to make your work a lot easier. I’ve created 5 POWERful Black Friday strategies that will help you win over your competitors.



Nearly 50% of Black Friday to Cyber Monday Online Sales Will be on a Mobile Device



    • Get your social media calendar filled for the next few weeks with your daily topics, theme, and categories. Download a complimentary calendar here.
    • Click through your website purchasing process and make sure there are no glitches with your shopping cart. Take notes as you go through the process so you don’t forget any important modifications.
    • If you have time, add a Black Friday video commercial of your specials. This can be as simple as creating a Flipagram and uploading it to Facebook.
    • Make sure the consumers are able to purchase via their mobile phones and other mobile devices. This year, studies are showing nearly 50% of black friday sales will be on a mobile device
    • Do a little guerilla marketing. I suggest large corporations and small businesses add this tactic to their holiday madness. Just make it creative, bold, and clever. A good example of guerrilla marketing.
    • If possible, re-visit your last year’s data

EXAMPLE: Create a campaign where you are offering a new special every hour on different products. Launch this via your social media platforms.


    • Add #BlackFriday in your description
    • Add #BlackFriday in your posts
    • Add your a hashtag that includes your target audience in your description and/ or postings

EXAMPLE: Happy #BlackFriday to all of the #millennials who’s ready to shop fashionably. (don’t forget to add your website link within this post)


    • Make sure your website is connected with Google Analytics, it’s free
    • Take a look at your past and current Facebook Insights. See which posts your followers responded to the most. Add those products as part of your Black Friday’s Special.
    • Look at your Twitter Insights and do the same as you did above for Facebook


    • Ask your buyers to post a video of a product they’ve purchased from you and share it on Youtube and/or Facebook.
    • Blog before, during, and after Black Friday. Make sure to research those keywords.
    • Be sure to email all of your specials, contests, giveaways etc. to your current list. Make it exciting and enticing!  
    • Get on Periscope and/or Hang With and announce your sales live on the hour
    • Retarget the 95% of sales you missed through abandoned shopping carts. Offer them an incentive via phone or email.
    • If possible, get Google Adwords in on your retargeting plan of attack.


    • Revisit your analytics and make a few tweaks during the weekend and get ready for the day before Cyber Monday though the immediate Wednesday that follows Cyber Monday. Studies have shown this timeframe to be pretty busy for buyers.


Also, you can utilize all of the above not only for Black Friday, but for Christmas and just business in general. This way you are always holding the POWER of your online success. If you have any questions or other items to add, we would love for you to respond below.


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