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Marketing On Linkedin: 450 million Professionals and Counting

If you’re a business owner you should be marketing on LinkedIn. With over 450 million professional members there is no excuse not to utilize such a vital tool.


By marketing on LinkedIn you can:


  • Increase Awareness – This is a great way to have your business on the radar for other industry professionals like yourself to see. As you post your content becomes easier and easier to find on Google.
  • Connect With People – It opens up an opportunity for you to collaborate with other business owners or even track down leads that may come in handy later.
  • Be More Informed – All the latest news within your industry is only a URL away with the most relevant ‘NEWS’
    Skip The Irrelevant – Since you are part of groups that are beneficial to you, you won’t have to worry about the newest meme popping up or space filler posts. It’s strictly business!


LinkedIn allows recommendations. Casey Hart, the president and chief marketing strategists at Informer Messages and Website Videos said it best. When talking about marketing on LinkedIn she informed “If you say it, it’s bragging. If someone else says it, it’s believable. When you’re good enough to earn your customers’ recommendation that can be displayed on LinkedIn, you have several distinct advantages.”If you can get a happy client to be so satisfied with your product that they go the extra mile to sing your praises, that speaks volumes!


Marketing on LinkedIn is imperative. LinkedIn Pulse takes the already custom tailored system and makes it even more specific. Not only can users search by category and popularity, but also by trendsetters within your field. If you’re having trouble with SEO LinkedIn effectively helps by creating featured key words, that in turn makes your content more searchable and easier to fit within categories of interest. So why not take advantage of this free opportunity?


Before you start here are some Do’s:


  • DO Publish Consistently – Consistency is not a myth! The more you post the more reliable and current you are
  • DO Have a Catchy Headline – First impressions are everything and that phrase certainly reigns true. The headline is the first thing people read and if the title is not interesting no one wants to read a whole mundane article.
  • DO Promote – There is no such thing as too much promotion, so get your other social media outlets involved.


So, what are some ways marketing on Linkedin has helped you?




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