Mobile Apps Design and Development

Put your customer’s in your pocket. — Mobile Apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction.

This is the year businesses MUST develop a mobile app. Rather it’s a unique idea or a simple app that keeps your customers coming back for more. WHY? We’ve all heard of What’s App being bought by Facebook for over a billion dollars or the small business apps that have helped increase businesses yearly revenue. Simply put, mobile apps puts more money in your pockets.


Mobile App Packages


Business Mobile App Solution
App Design
App Development
App submitted to Apple Store
App submitted to Google Store
Access to over 40 premium features
Push Notifications
System Updates for Apple
System Updates Android
Hosting of the app
* Create a total new App
* Add New Features
Monthly Analytic Reports
Monetize with Ads
Website for Marketing App
Hosting of App Website
Website Domain
Bi-Monthly Monetization Webinars
Client Portal Login
Three Initial 45 minute "How to Monetize Your App" sessions
* There is an initial setup fee
Enterprise App Solution (Ex. Uber, Strava, etc)
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  • There is a one-time setup fee for each business app. The setup fee depends on the different features of your app.



What Type of Businesses is Developing Mobile Apps?

Businesses such as musicians, restaurants, gyms, golf courses, hotels, politicians, performers, and plumbers are just a few examples of businesses hopping on board. The great thing about mobile apps is it can be used often and it’s right at the consumer fingertips. Websites and mobile apps are designed for different reasons and serve two different purposes. Websites are a place where your targeted audience can consume resources, information, and be funneled into the sales cycle. However, a mobile app all time purpose is to get consumers to download and interact with a particular task in a specific way.


How Are Businesses Benefiting?

20 percent used their apps purely for branding purposes, 30 percent have revenue generating apps, and 50 percent use them for support and engagement. Having a flexible and intuitive mobile app is important. We design and development small business mobile apps on the end user’s emotional connection to the application. What you don’t want to do is provide users with tools they don’t need within your app. This is the quickest way to make them uninstall your app. Presenting your mobile app audience with essentials is the best method to create advocates for your product.