Tennessee Titans (NFL)

Client Spotlight

  • Website: www.titansonline.com
  • American National Football League
  • Located in Nashville, TN
  • Division: AFC South

Tennessee Titans (NFL)

The Tennessee Titans are members of the South Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). They were previously known as Houston Oilers. Before they became a part of the NFL; AFL-NFL Merger, they won two AFL championships. Their most memorable season was when they made it to the Super Bowl XXXIV, in 1999.


The region didn’t embrace the team right away. Therefore, developing a creative and effective offline campaign was crucial.


We created and implemented a start-up marketing and promotional campaign to bring awareness and create a bond in the southeast for the “Tennessee Oilers”. The marketing program included a grass-roots campaign with players and head coach. Appearances were scheduled in Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Mississippi, Northern Georgia, Southern Missouri and Kentucky. The appearances were scheduled in local restaurants, shopping malls and town squares.  Fans were able to shake hands with the players and the head coach.  The players and coach invited each and every person they came in contact with to buy a ticket.  As part of the campaign in the third year, the new team logo and “jersey” were actually incorporated as part of the tour and the jersey made appearances at each stop.


This tour was given credit as a big contributor to the quick sell-out of the PSL’s and overall stadium seating which was in Season 3.  Relationships continue with the organization by support through emails and phone calls for programs already in place and ideas for new revenue-generating programs.