Steve Harvey, How he bounced back after twitter hate him and how you can too

Steve Harvey, How he Bounced Back When Twitter Hated Him and How You Can Too

From living in his car to hosting a radio show, several television shows, author, and recently the host of Miss Universe, Steve Harvey is truly an inspiration. Before Mr. Harvey goes out on stage, he prays the same prayer asking for the same thing. “Let my gift that you have given me, shine through brightly and help me to remember my pace.” His global brand has truly lived up to his prayer’s expectations. However, with such a huge brand, there’s always obstacles along the way.


By now we all have heard the recent news of how Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe winner. Twitter really set him on fire. However, he was able to recover like a true brand. Not only did he bounced back in a positive light with his fans, he also gained new fans, and even the biggest hosting deal in the history of Miss Universe. There are definitely some lessons to be learned here.


Even though social media can increase your business, it can decrease the value of your business just as fast if you don’t have things in order.  It starts with knowing what your brand is about and how your customers live their lives — a marketing fundamental no matter the medium. This way, when you you find yourself in an unusual situation on social media you’re able to be proactive rather than reactive. With Twitter’s unforgiving audience the below are some great tools to have under your belt.


The Steve Harvey Social Media Bounce Back Approach

1) He owned up to his mistake


“I’d like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible,” Harvey tweeted. “Secondly, I’d like to apologize to the viewers that I disappointed as well. Again it was an honest mistake.”

Being your most genuine self on social media is a plus, especially when you’re in a tight situation.


2) He already had social respect


In the world of social media where nothing ever dies, having a trusting relationship with your followers/fans is pretty important. Social respect is about gaining credibility and earning trust from others through the use of social media. The basic premise of social media is to inform, to start a dialogue and to engage. The scope of the engagement is based on the objectives put forth.


This is critical when you get into an altercation, most of your advocates will definitely back you up, once you’ve done the first step above.


3) He stopped things before they got out of hand


You need a plan of attack that makes sense for your brand and your customers. Every company I work with has some degree of critics, it’s a natural state of the market. Having a strategic social media “bounce back” plan is crucial to settling the aftermath.


If you want to gain control of the situation making sure that you put an end to the problem before things become too hectic is always important.



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