What I've Learned from Patti Labelle's Pie Review, Video Marketing at it's Finest

3 Lessons I’ve Learned from Patti Labelle’s Pie Review, Video Marketing at it’s Finest



All last week, Patti’s fans made YouTube video marketing reviews about her pies. Patti’s music never reached as many consumers in one weekend as her famous pies have, and it’s all because of video marketing. It was video marketing genius at its best, even if the legendary singer, self-proclaimed chef and entrepreneur didn’t realize it! Just one of her fans dropped a video and instantly everyone has heard of, purchased and tasted Patti Labelle’s Pies.


Video Marketing Lesson 101

I have to say there is something in being An All American Classic, like Patti Labelle and yes, even sweet Potato pie, but to expand across the mediums and be able to market to the masses just using one free video is a millennial movement if I ever saw one.


LESSON #1: Today, a product can be marketed free of cost and faster than it takes to make a commercial. Think about it, the sweet potato pie video went viral and Wal-Mart sold out in a weekend. Video Marketing is making business boom at an all-time high.


So how are you using video marketing to build your clientele and expand your consumer base?

LESSON #2: If you do a little research, you will see that a huge number of individuals provide product reviews. Whether it’s food, clothing, or hair products; people like giving their opinions. Looking at what consumers are making video reviews about, helps your business target and relate to your clientele/consumer base.


LESSON #3: Video marketing is the new TV commercial, infomercial and yes, the news. The news is Passé and political, commercials are redundant and infomercials are never what we want to buy. Video marketing is by the people for the people.


The majority of the information shared from a large amount of consumers comes from social media and YouTube, whether it’s current info or something that happened in the past. Just seeing Patti’s Pies become a national hit because a video was uploaded on FB is proof that business can boom from the “new word of mouth”, video marketing.


Patti no longer has a concern about selling her pies, they’re already sold! Elevate Digital Media can bring the phenomenal “Patti Labelle’s Pie” video marketing experience to your business. You can connect to your customers using an authentic, genuine video that will reach consumers you never knew you had. Just as Patti’s pies went viral, your business can too!


To those interested in taking the next step in web visibility, Elevate Digital Media, can create an unparalleled marketing tool your company and consumers will benefit from. So, again I ask, how are you using video marketing to connect with your consumers or clients?


Post Written By: Trisha Quarles


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