Web Analytics show Adele Comeback is on Top

Web Analytics show Adele Comeback is on Top


The numbers behind the music have long been a mystery, however, since web analytics has become a big deal in the music industry, it’s easy to tune in behind the headphones of consumer’s playlists.


With social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Apple, SoundCloud and others having or launching their own music streaming service it shouldn’t come as a shocker that Adele comeback single, ‘Hello,’ broke records topping 100 million views in five days.


This summer Adele leaked that she would have a third album and last month the single “Hello” debuted at number one in the U.S. and the U.K., the first song to sell over a million downloads in the first week of release.  Can you say “millennial madness”!


For her fan’s, Adele’s comeback is all about the lovely music with the soul felt message she flawlessly delivers. However, for those who are checking out her mega star power and business growth it’s all about crunching those record breaking numbers she unfailingly racks up. Those numbers also make her latest single “Hello” the second fastest growing music video on YouTube and set the new all-time high on Vevo for most viewed in 24 hours in the music category, slamming the competition!


Her last effort, 21, sold 11.2 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music. It is the tenth-largest selling album since the organization started tracking music sales in 1991 and generated five hit singles.


Web Analytics 


…has tracked 900,000 downloads for “Hello”, and it’s headed to number one.  Adele hasn’t even performed at all the night shows or primetime morning shows yet.


So what’s her web analytics secret, what is the algorithm that has this talent in the win-win realm of her industry?  Have you noticed that Adele has named her albums according to her age, targeting people within her age bracket that can also relate to her story and her growth through the years.  Adele is able to capitalize on the promotion of her music online by capturing the younger audience via social media. When 25, the album featuring “Hello,” hit stores today, Adele may be the female artist with the biggest debut week. With her consistent eye on her data, looking at the numbers and paying attention to timing, yes, launching just before the consumer holiday, “Black Friday”, Adele’s money is already in the bank!  When interviewed, Adele says she does it all for her son.  How sweet, the 25 year old music, millennium money Momma wants to show how it’s done.


If business leaders apply the same analysis of their web analytics, as Adele, their online numbers should increase, as well as, maintaining loyal clients or consumers.


  • Are you tracking your web analytics?
  • Is your product or service being promoted for key publicity or distribution times?  

Contact us to take your online business and presence to the next level. Just by tracking your views and visits you can use your data and web analytics to align your efforts with your consumer’s wants and needs. Around the world data analytics is what determines the winners and losers in any industry.  


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