Compelling Online Story

What Is Your Compelling Online Story

The art of telling a compelling online story is a powerful tool. Are you a great story teller? A lot of companies don’t feel it’s necessary to show their company’s personality through their online campaigns. Well, I’m here to tell you, no matter how small or big, attaching a story to your online commercial or social media platforms is a smart idea.


What is your irresistible compelling online story?

As long as I can remember, storytelling has been a way to connect with people on a deeper level. You know those stories your grandmother tell your kids about you, when you were their age? Embarrassing right? Well, even though there may be some embarrassing moments during the story telling, just think of how much closer it brings you to your daughter or son. This is the type of feeling you want to give to your customers online. When you tell a great story online, you are showing the human side of your brand. Your customers now feel, you really understand them as a person and not just as a client or customer. So again I ask, what is your irresistible compelling online story?


Great Data = Compelling Online Story

Data plays a huge part in telling your story online. Why? In order for you to craft a great brand or campaign message, you must know who you’re speaking to. There are five major audiences, which category does your audience fit in?


  • Novice
  • Generalists
  • Management
  • Expert
  • Executive


Knowing your data when telling your compelling online story for any type of campaign you’re launching, is especially important for huge and high end brands. I say this because a lot of times your customer feels lost in your big world. They feel they are just another number, so to show them they are much more than that, you need to do things a little different. Especially online.


When telling a compelling online story, visualization is important.

We’ve all heard the saying a picture says a thousand words, well imagine what a video would say. The right visualization is important. Making sure your story connects with the visuals is what will set you apart. Having a clear, concise, and a visually beautiful story is a major part of a successful online campaign. Just know, the more interesting, creative, and engaging your message is; the longer your customers will interact. Having a “compelling online story” that’s in-synced with your online vision isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time, research, and planning to make your online moves successful.


Creating the perfect story for all of your online and offline efforts is extremely needed. I’m sure you have tons of brand stories you can turn into customer stories. Remember, storytelling is a powerful tool and when done right, it will increase your business’s bottom line. What is your story?


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