Website Design and Development

Investing in your Website Design is Important

Enticing & Innovative

An attention grabbing website design is what you need to keep your audience wanting more. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “first impression is the last impression,” this also rings true in the world of website design. As soon as a visitor lands on your website, they should feel the urge to want to find out more about your brand. Our creative team makes sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed because we know how much of persuasive power your website has over your potential clients and/or customers.


Responsive Website

Every site Elevate Digital Media now builds uses responsive design, no exceptions. This means that if your client or potential client is using their smartphone and mini-tablet (at a minimum), you can rest assure their experience will be consistent and will meet Google’s preference (from an SEO perspective). However, it is important to note that the user experience is never the same on different portal sizes, by definition, as different portal sizes place parameters and constraints on design. The real goal is to ensure “perceived consistency” and not “sameness.” This is the key reason why we include all vital parties from the beginning of the project.


Strategic Layout

Not catering to your visitors’ needs can reflect negatively on your brand. So, making sure every question is answered, every service is explained, and you’re holding their interest, is a must. They should not have to look for your contact information, your forms, map etc, you should guide them to it. The layouts we provide for all pages are designed with your bottom line in mind.



We Take Action

An Elevate Digital Media website is not just any website design, it’s a profitable design. We strategically reassure everything from your layout to your colors, to SEO optimized content for maximum conversion. This is what converts visitors into real customers. By combining these best practices with all the elements of your unique brand, we’ll tell your story in a way that’s built to last.


Step 1 – Where are you Now?

We get to know the current state of your business and your current online brand. We delve into your ideal customer persona, learn about your sales process, and identify what makes your brand different.


Step 2 – Photoshoot Time

Having high-quality images that capture your brand at it’s best is important, this is why we include a photoshoot with most design solutions. Your designated webs designer will make sure to choose the best images for your brand.


Step 3 – Design All Elements

We focus on creating an aesthetic edge and increasing conversions. The design of your website will represent your business, personality, tone, and overall brand vision and mission.


Step 4 – Our “Elevation” Strategy

Yes, you read that correctly. Our web design strategy is designed to elevate and keep up with the current trends or your brand enhancements. Through implementing fresh tactics we take pride in keeping your website up to date exceeding your competitors. Making sure your site constantly appeals to readers, skimmers, and visual learners are detrimental to your conversion rates.



P.O.W.E.R Method

With a beautifully, organized, and custom site, your visitors will clearly understand who you are as a brand. Their experience and interaction with your product and/or services will be more enjoyable, making it easy to choose your business over your competitors. Your newly designed website will be a mixture of an art masterpiece and a marketable branding experience.





Of course! Your website should be the best representation of your brand and company values.
We’ll work with you to ensure that everything from the color scheme to the font on the call-to-action buttons meets—and exceeds—your expectations.


No matter what solution you sign up for, we offer unlimited edits to your website.


Yes! Every component of your website is designed to build trust with both consumers and search engines, alike. Your site will contain user-friendly elements and high-quality content to help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).


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