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Kanye West A Marketing Genius or…?

Although Kanye West was absent from Grammy week his presence remained relevant via the power of social media. Through his Twitter comments he remained a talked about source, at a time he would have otherwise been forgotten. To top it all off, his album was illegally downloaded 500,000 times in one day according to Torrent, and that’s a pretty significant number in the music industry.

So I ask, is Kanye really as impulsive as he seems or is his team just composed of Marketing geniuses?

I actually posted this question on our Facebook page and shared it in several groups. See some of the comments below.

Although his album was illegally downloaded, Tidal’s app shot to the top of the App Store. Personally I think we can learn a thing or two from the, “mentally ill” version of Kanye West. As one dear Facebook fan said:

Let me break down Kanye West’s Genius –

Step 1: He established a buzz for a new product, which was his album. He launched his rants during Grammy week. Social Media helped Kanye spread the news of his new album without them even realizing it. Yes, bad publicity is still publicity in the entertainment industry.

Step 2: He launched a new product. It “mysteriously” got 500,000 illegal downloads in a day. I think that was his freebie, so those few fans could spread the word, and looks like it worked.

Step 3: He found new ways to keep the product exciting. Those Twitter rants, like it or not, kept him in the limelight during the Grammys, even though he didn’t attend. Look we’re still talking about him.


Whether you like Kanye West or not, his different tactics are why his fans love him. Although I don’t agree with his all of his methods, the marketing spirit inside of me does respect it. What do you guys think about Kanye’s latest rant?


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