Media Mavericks

Client Spotlight

  • Website: (soft launch stage)
  • Award Winning Editor
  • 20+ Years in Television
  • Best Selling Author
  • International Speaker
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Known as “The Walking Exclamation Point”

Media Mavericks

Founded by TeeJ Mercer, an award winning editor, Media Mavericks is the answer to getting media coverage and breaking into reality TV. As the founder would say, it’s “all about that pitch.” So, instead of waiting for a big break, Media Mavericks assist you in creating your own media opportunity.


The founder of Media Mavericks launched a new academy, but needed a space to showcase the new mavericks after the conclusion of the 8 week program. They needed a place where the media would go to seek their experts.


Elevate Digital Media created a website with the founder’s personalty in mind. Since she lives out loud, we needed to design and develop a website that represented that, because that’s what her audience was attracted to and have grown to know and love.


The mavericks has received radio slots, television appearances and more. TeeJ Mercer has also gone on to become an international speaker, and she’s launched her second book, which has already gotten major media attention.