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Snapchat vs Instagram: The Story Feature

Snapchat vs Instagram has been getting a lot of shine as of late. So, let’s break it down. Snapchat came about a few years ago taking the world by storm with it’s ability to let the users make ten second stories. The app has been such a hit that Facebook wanted to join forces with the company, but when turned down, they did not take it lying down. Bet you wasn’t aware of that. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has now launched a feature that let’s the user add stories extremely similar to that of Snapchats.


Teaming up with IOS and Android Instagram is to have this new installment available to all within just a few weeks. The symbol for you to add a story is a plus sign in the top left hand corner or you may choose to simply swipe left. The feature still has the basics of Snapchat like deleting the posts automatically after a day, the option to have filters and the chronological viewing mechanism. You’re probably thinking “Oh come on that’s the exact same concept,” the CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom would not disagree in fact when asked about what he thought about Instagram copying Snapchat he said “They deserve all the credit,” but followed saying “This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”


So what’s the Snapchat vs Instagram Spin?

So why not just use snapchat, right? Well, while the feature keeps the 24 hour time limit that a post can be viewed in, it will not appear on the user’s profile grid or main Instagram feed. The stories appear in a bar at the top of the feed and everyone on Instagram is allowed to share stories from friends to your fave accounts. The stories you see are based on user privacy settings on their page. You will know when something new happens by the colorful ring that will appear around the person’s profile photo. Here’s another huge difference, you are allowed to hide your entire story from those you don’t want to see it, even your followers. Oh yeah, and the viewer has the option to go LIVE. It seems the scale is tipping more for Instagram in this snapchat vs instagram feud.


So how does my business benefit?

Instagram leaves room for you to have your professional well packaged side via your grid profile and your hard work, behind the scenes via your story. It’s almost like a business mullet showing two sides of your brand. This technique was recently used by the UFC where one of their athletes were shown in the supermarket showing foods they eat pre training camp. By Instagram having the most interesting posts of the user float to the top, your target audience will see it right away. You and a fellow business could do a TAKEOVER, this is when one business takes over another’s story (and vice versa) sharing content. You also can receive more one on one time with your customers, while they direct message you questions you could answer them using your story.


Snapchat vs Instagram


So what are your thoughts on Instagram adding a Story feature, are the changes big enough to be more beneficial than Snapchat?



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