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Social Media Strategy: The Key to Snapchat 101 With DJ Khaled

Adding a human touch to his social media strategy is what DJ Khaled does best!

Snapchat is a new look at social media. Although you may be thinking it is of little use to your social media strategy, your audience says otherwise. Over 200 million people use Snapchat and 70% of them are age 30 and under. Now before you go to say that’s not the crowd you are trying to attract think again. Millennials are essential to everyone’s business and or brand, that is if you wish to have longevity and various new avenues for income. So why has Snapchat been around for five years, yet businesses seem to shy away from it? As you continue to miss out on the opportunity that is only about two minutes away on a story, DJ Khaled has already cracked the code.


The Key to Lesson 1: Let’s get personal

Curiosity in this case did not kill the cat. We are a species of curiosity. As people we love to know more and more, even if it’s not pertaining to business. Using Snapchat shows transparency, so you may believe no one will want to see you lounging around, contrary to this idea DJ Khaled’s followers tune in everyday to watch just that. Your audience wants to know you almost as much, if not more, than they want to know your products and services.


The Key to Lesson 2: Everyone loves consistency

“Fan Love” is a segment featured on DJ Khaled’s Snapchat everyday. During this time he puts himself in the position to not only interact with his target audience, but also advertise his many endeavors. He give fans more information and allow them to appear on his Snapchat. The fans are then shown yelling out “Major Key” or “I got the key” promoting his new album. His viewers come back for more because it is now a part of their routine. He also give fans a chance to appear on his segments if they are near by.


The Key to Lesson 3: Capitalize, Capitalize, CAPITALIZE

Free advertisement isn’t free when you have thousands of people watching it. You may have recently seen the Almond Milk commercial featuring DJ Khaled iPhone made video. Well that video was made via Snapchat! While showing us how he starts his mornings off healthy with a smoothie (highlight ingredient being almond milk) he successfully secured himself another source of income via a Silk commercial. This is not the end of the power of Snapchat. Khaled has also become a promoter and endorser of stride gum’s new Mad Intense Gum. He showcased behind the scenes footage of him making an exclusive track inside the studio.


If you don’t have Snapchat as part of your social media strategy for your business, you are missing out. The platform has a lot of opportunities to connect to the millennials who will soon or already need what your business has to offer. By implementing the key lessons taught by DJ Khaled into your social media strategy, you can improve your amount of outreach.



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