Tweetdeck: Learn How It Can Benefit You

TweetDeck is in many ways similar to Hootsuite and Sprout Social, in that it collects and provides action in all facets of your Twitter existence. Knowing your analytics is key to any successful business. Top social media networks have hence started to make it easier for you to have some insight on your demographics. Twitter has had somewhat of a rough patch, it seems, when it comes to getting people to utilize their add ons, like Topsy. Topsy failed after two years after perhaps not catching on to people as Twitter had hoped. Twitter currently has two fairly new apps as of June 2016, Dashboard for businesses and Engage for the creators. On both new apps you are allowed to monitor your analytics and view your options. While these apps are exciting the most, useful of the add ons could possibly have been right in front of us for years.


In an interview Amy Zima, Twitter’s product manager put the spotlight on some very useful aspects of TweetDeck, “You can add as many columns as you like, and you can also rearrange your streams into the order best suited to your requirements.”


What’s So Grand About TweetDeck?

  • You can Prioritize your Columns – Track your keyword mentions and lists to messages and saved searches.
  • Link Several Accounts – You can keep track of a max of 200 or manage multiple twitter accounts.
  • Make a Team – The ‘Team Option’ within TweetDeck permits business owners to entrust members of their team to tweet for them without having to even give out their password. This is vital because research shows consumers like a response from brands within an hour, can you say a benefit!
  • Tweet Scheduling – You can plan out the next month of tweets and just set their time for scheduling and even add images or gifs.
  • Specified Searches – Not only can you find out who around you has mentioned you, but you can also see what keywords helped people find you and have an up to date on what influencers are saying in real time.
  • Adding Confirmation Steps – This prevents accidental tweets by making the user check a box before they can tweet out.
  • And the best one of them all is IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!


So what are you waiting for. Head over to Tweetdeck and sign up.




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