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Clients appreciate that all of their needed resources are at their fingertips.

The client provides care for a variety of age groups within specialties which include: gerontology, pediatrics, OB/GYN, rheumatology, internal medicine, minor surgery, gastroenterology, and HIV medicine.

Project Goal: Express their uniqueness to their clients via their website.

Client: All Things Natural Wellness Center

Project Began Date: May 18, 2016
Project End Date: Ongoing

Our Challenges

Dr. Johnson was opening a new holistic center in Bowie, Maryland. She and her team needed a digital marketing company that understood the foundation of designing and developing a website and had knowledge within the medical field. The company felt it had something unique and wanted to project that to its potential customers via its website.

The Solution

Elevate Digital Media Inc. gathered a focus group through Twitter and Facebook, explicitly for holistic remedies interest. We asked relevant questions to help us identify their online needs, wants, and expectations. We were also able to collect information in terms of their expectations during their appointments at the medical center. The finishing product was a website that provides secured online medical forms, great resources, and information that their consumers want.


  • – Our Client’s patients are very excited about their website. They appreciate that all of their needed resources are at their fingertips.
  • – Our Client’s website is always a positive topic of conversation from competitors, patients, and Vendors.

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We’ve helped our clients go from struggling to having fully functional, navigable, fast-loading, UI/UX rich, automated processes, and mobile responsive digital real estate with all advanced features.

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